• Uber drivers form association similar to union


    SEATTLE - Discontented Seattle-area Uber drivers are joining something similar to a union.

    Some met Sunday at the Teamsters hall to form the "App Based Drivers Association."            

    Uber drivers are independent contractors so they can't actually unionize.

    But concerns over how the company drops drivers who get bad reviews led some to conclude that they needed extra representation.

    Uber allows users to order a ride on an app and then review the service.

    Some drivers said the company has deactivated accounts based on reviews with little explanation.

    Driver Daniel Ajema said Uber should institute a fair process.

    "We're not challenging their right to drop bad drivers," Ajema said.

    In a statement to KIRO 7, Seattle Uber General Manager Brooke Steger wrote:  "A partner that is a safe driver, with a consistently clean criminal and driving record, who provides good customer service and keeps their small business in order is at no risk of Uber's partnership ending."

    Membership in the association is voluntary among Uber drivers, who will pay $25 per month.  

    One driver who will not be joining is Raja Ahmed, who says he's satisfied working for Uber.

    "If you provide the best service there's no way you're going to get deactivated," Ahmed said.

    Of fellow drivers who are forming the association, Ahmed said, "They're just whining."

    "These guys need to more focus on customer service than complaining," Ahmed said.

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