• Police find stolen U-Haul that had man's ashes inside

    By: David Ham


    A missing U-Haul truck that contained a man’s ashes was found by police Saturday morning in Tacoma.

    Police told KIRO 7 that the truck, which contained Lee Emory's  belongings and her late husband's ashes, was found on Water Street.

    The truck was stolen from outside the Super 8 Motel in Federal Way.

    Detectives looked through hours of surveillance video for the truck with a South Carolina image on the side.
    "I thought i was dreaming at first and then I just kind of went number when I realized that someone had actually stolen it," said Emory, who was staying at the motel until she found a place to live in Federal Way.
    The U-Haul contained all of her belongings, including her husband's ashes. He died in June.
    "My husband's ashes that's what really makes me sick they were in a beautiful brass urn and had his ashes in it," Emory added, "I have nothing i have absolutely nothing wedding pictures nothing left."
    She reported the truck missing on Wednesday.
    "It's always a sad story because it's usually someone's belongings and all of your belongings. It tears at your heart that something like that this has happened," said Cathy Schrock, Federal Way Police spokesperson.
    Detectives said the Super 8 Motel did not have surveillance video so, video from city cameras are being reviewed.
    "They're combing through everything we have again property crimes are difficult in this respect," said Schrock
    Another U-Haul was stolen in Federal Way last month, but detectives don't think the two incidents are connected.
    "Now we're trying to get more of a description of the van because there's so many the corporation doesn't know exactly what pictures are on the side or that sort of thing," said Schrock.
    Emory's belongings will be returned to her on Monday.

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