• U-District burglar stole family pet as well

    By: Henry Rosoff


    SEATTLE, Wash. - She just cannot seem to stop stealing.

    Police believe they caught a couple responsible for a string of  fraternity and sorority house burglaries near the University of Washington campus.  And in a strange twist, one of the suspects stole a dog in a high-profile case a year and a half ago.

    Police arrested 28-year-old Renee Gunderson and her boyfriend, Justin Cross, in early December, though paperwork showing their charges was just filed with the King County Court. 

    According to court documents, police used fingerprints found at Chi Psi and Gunderson confessed once arrested.

    The two suspects have only been tied directly to two fraternity burglaries; however, there have been six break-ins since Nov. 1st, so police are looking at Gunderson and Cross for all the crimes.

    Gunderson is familiar with police.   Walter Walsh said last year that she grabbed Luna, his 10-year-old soccer-loving dog who’s performed at Sounders games, from his front yard. 

    Eventually, someone spotted her with Luna and called police.

    Walsh was more sad than upset to hear Gunderson was mixed up in more crime.  

    “She’s making some bad choices, but I hope her life will go better,” he said.

    Students living in and around greek houses are simply hoping the arrests will mean a break from break-ins.

    “It’s really good to hear people like this are getting caught,” said Jeff Stull, a UW senior.

    King County jail records show Gunderson is now out of jail, but awaiting another court appearance. 

    Cross is still in jail, being held on an Arizona warrant for more burglary-related charges.

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