• Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts continue throughout city

    By: Linzi Sheldon


    SEATTLE - It’s been just over a week since Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, but many relief organizations are reminding people that the need is just beginning.

    On Sunday, the American Red Cross collected money from Seahawks fans at CenturyLink Field.

    “I just want to make a difference for families who are not as lucky to have what we have,” Deborah Richardson said.

    Wide receiver Doug Baldwin, whose relatives in the Philippines survived, urged people on Twitter to give. Then he hit the field with the Filipino flag. 

    After high winds and unbelievable storm surges that washed away homes, nearly 4,000 people are now known dead. 

    Philippines president Benigno Aquino announced he'll camp out in the hardest-hit province, Leyte, until survivors there get proper aid.

    Thousands of victims attended Sunday Mass even though some barely had a church left.

    In Seattle, Immaculate Conception church collected money for Catholic Relief Services, which is helping typhoon victims. 

    Fred Verzosa's sisters and brother live in Leyte. 

    “I'm just overwhelmed and really grateful that the whole world is coming together to help,” he said. 

    At the Filipino Community Center, executive director Sheila Burrus said the Filipino Community of Seattle was holding a concert Sunday night with more than half a dozen bands performing for hours to raise money for typhoon victims. 

    They've also been collecting shampoo, blankets, food and other items, and plan to ship them in a large container. 

    “It's good to have this on people's mind all the time,” Burrus said. 

    She hopes people will donate large plastic Ziploc bags so the volunteers can pack up items properly for families.

    The FCS is also holding a larger community fundraiser at the community center on Friday.


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