• New details about casino shooting; victims in serious condition

    By: Deborah Horne


    AUBURN, Wash. - "They're my god brothers."

    That is how Crystal Marlow describes the men who were shot Saturday night in the parking lot at the bustling Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn; not blood relations but like family. She found out about the shooting from Daniel Rosales's pregnant girlfriend.

    "She showed up at my house at about 4 o'clock this morning," said Marlow. ""'Hey, the boys have been shot. This is what's going on.' And it's been a roller coaster ever since."

    The shooting happened at about 8:45 Saturday night. Marlow said Rosales told her he yelled at a man speeding in the parking lot to slow down. Moments later, the man pulled out a gun and fired at Rosales and a friend, Brian Beasley.

    "Brian was hit here and it came out about here, through his neck," said Marlow, pointing to her shoulder and then her throat. "And then my god brother, Daniel, was hit in the chest and it pierced his lung, through and through."

    "And the guy started leaving in the car."

    We talked to Brandon Wong less than an hour after the shooting. He heard the shots and watched Auburn police move in.

    "Turns out they were undercover," Wong said. "They rolled up and apprehended the vehicle. They threw the guy to the ground, took the weapon off of him."

    "I'm glad he's been caught," said Crystal Marlow.

    But she says that good news is tempered by what her friends now face.

    "They're worried about Daniel's lung collapsing and then Brian's windpipe could collapse," she said.

    It has left her shaken.

    "Yes, pretty scary."

    Both men are in their 20s. They were in serious condition Sunday night and are expected to survive.

    As for the suspect, we will likely find out his name Monday when he is expected to make a court appearance.


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