• Pervert still targeting Seattle kids

    By: Chris Legeros


    SEATTLE - Most of the parents picking up their kids at Westside School Wednesday afternoon seemed uptight and protective about anyone even shooting pictures of their kids.

    It is easy to understand why.

    On Tuesday afternoon, a group of girls on the playground spotted a man masturbating inside his car. 

    About an hour after that incident, two 13-year-old girls walking home from Madison Middle School spotted a man doing the same thing -- touching himself behind the wheel of his car as it was parked along the sidewalk. 

    "It scares you, it terrifies you," said parent Erin Woods.

    Seattle police said both men were reported to be white and in their 30s. Both were sitting in black sedans before they sped away. 

    At this point, investigators don't know whether it's the same man or whether these cases are related to others in West Seattle. There have been a total of five incidents since early September. 

    As a parent, Aaron Anches said he's very concerned.

    "I'm one of the parents that probably wants to sit outside a school and stake it out and see if we can catch this guy," he said. 



    PDF: Letter sent to parents of Madison Middle School regarding incidents


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