• Two men arrested after 'home invasion tool kit' was found in their home

    By: Alison Grande


    SEATTLE - Two Seattle men are headed to federal prison after a “home invasion tool kit” was found inside their home.  The kit included guns, gloves, zip ties and a mask. 

    In all, investigators found 17 guns inside the home Tyree Nation and David A. Cox shared in South Park.

    Detectives searched the house last February looking for stolen property. 

    Nation and Cox used to work at National Products Incorporated. Cox was forced to take a drug test, so he quit his job. Days later, the business was burglarized.

    More than $20,000 worth of tripods and keyboards were missing from the warehouse. The items were found for sale on Craigslist. 

    A coworker recognized the house in the background of the Craigslist pictures. He had been to the house before and told his boss.

    It was during that search investigators found more than a dozen weapons, all of them unregistered. 

    Nation is a convicted felon and is not allowed to possess a firearm.  Inside the house, investigators found a  hand-written receipt showing Cox sold a gun to Nation.

    Cox pled guilty and was sentenced Friday to four years in prison.

    Nation will be sentenced next week.

    Neighbors were nervous to learn the men had so many weapons packed inside the small house. 

    They also wonder who the men ripped off with the “home invasion tool kit.”

    “Obviously they’re bad people. They’ve got guns, masks, they’re up to no good,” said neighbor Matt Flannery.

    Investigators are still searching for victims. They think the men may have targeted drug dealers because they also found drugs and money in the house.

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