• Two brothers wait for word of other brother missing in slide

    By: Chris Legeros


    DARRINGTON, Wash. - John Hadaway and Frank Hadaway were in Darrington Thursday, waiting to hear whether searchers had found their 54-year-old brother, Steve Hadaway.  

    Steve Hadaway was installing a satellite dish at a home in the Oso area last Saturday, when a massive mudslide covered the neighborhood that he was working in. 

    John Hadaway is holding on to hope that his brother is still alive. 

    “You have to, I mean, until it’s the worst-case scenario and I see his body, yes, I’d have to have hope, I’d have to. He’s my brother. He needs to come home,” John Hadaway said. 

    John Hadaway said he’d like to go into the disaster area and start digging, but his brother, Frank Hadaway, tried that on Tuesday and got hurt. 

    Frank Hadaway suffered a concussion when the wash from a helicopter blew a door from a debris pile into his head. 

    John Hadaway said, “It’s not an easy job and it’s not a safe job, there’s nothing safe about it.”

    Both John Hadaway and Frank Hadaway are now resigned to the fact that they are going to have to wait for news of their brother without getting directly involved in the search. John Hadaway called the wait horrible and said, “Anything is possible with God, I know that, but I am realistic.”

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