• Two brothers wait for word of another brother caught in landslide

    By: Chris Legeros


    DARRINGTON, Wash. - More than 300 people prayed and lit candles Saturday night at the Darrington Community Center.

    They listened as pastors and chaplains urged them to stay strong in their faith and their love for each other as they recover from a devastating mudslide.

    John Hadaway was in the middle of the crowd, and found some comfort being there. He said, “Other people are feeling the same pain you are, you know, they want their loved ones home just like you do, you know, it helps.” 

    Hadaway is still waiting for searchers to find his brother, Steve, who was installing a satellite dish at a home demolished by the slide. 

    As the list of the missing has decreased,  Hadaway has felt happy for families whose loved ones have been recovered. He said, “They’ve got closure, they’ve got their family members, your heart goes out to them.” 

    Hadaway admits it’s tough not knowing whether his family will get the same closure.  He said, “We want to bring him home. The location that he was in, there is a possibility he may never be found.” 

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