Twitter study: Seattle deploys its F-bombs sparingly


When it comes to dropping F-bombs, Seattle is pretty sparing, at least on Twitter.

A Ukranian web development firm called Vertaline recently created heat maps for uses of the phrase “f*** you” during the last few weeks of July, The Atlantic reported Wendesday.

The maps – which you can see fully animated on Vertaline’s site – showed that Seattle and the Pacific Northwest used the phrase much less often than seemingly foul-mouthed East Coasters and Twitter users in Southern California.

“Seemingly” because, as The Atlantic points out, the hotspots are closely related to population centers:

It's worth noting that the findings here are more a proof of concept than a scientific analysis: The high concentrations of F-bombs are correlated, just as you'd expect, with concentrated populations. These maps are charts of population density rather than, you know, per capita rudeness.