• Tully's Coffee on auction block


    SEATTLE - Tully's Coffee is on the auction block Thursday, and there's more than one interested bidder.

    Starbucks wants a piece of the company, and actor Patrick Dempsey is expected to make a bid.

    Depending on who ends up buying Tully's, some of the chain's 47 coffee houses in Washington and Oregon could be shut down.

    Starbucks wants to buy about half of the company-operated stores. Starbucks has purchased several of its competitors in the past, like Seattle's Best Coffee.

    Dempsey, known as McDreamy for his role in the Seattle-based television drama "Grey's Anatomy," tweeted a picture holding a Tully's cup of coffee Wednesday night.

    Dempsey said he wants to give back to Seattle and save the 500 jobs that are at risk.

    The winning bidder will be revealed next Friday.

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