• Tsunami debris may be recovered during weekend beach cleanup


    OCEAN SHORES, Wash. - Volunteers will be cleaning up coastal beaches on Saturday, and there is a possibility recovered debris may be from the Japan tsunami in 2011.


    About 15,000 people were killed during the Tsunami and people at Ocean Shores remember the disaster.


    KIRO 7 Eyewitness News South Sound Bureau Chief Richard Thompson spoke with a few visitors at Ocean Shores and they said all the tsunami debris in the Pacific is not just stuff, but what made up many families’ lives.


    “How many lives have been lost through all this, it’s just devastating,” said beach visitor Beck Weatherwax.


    A couple of items recovered since the tsunami happened were a land surveying marker found by an Orcas Island man and a fishing boat that drifted into the Gulf of Alaska.


    More items haven recovered and emergency officials said volunteers need to be careful during Saturday’s clean up.


    “If you find anything that looks to be hazardous material or something you’re really not sure of that may look hazardous to someone, leave it in place, and call 911,” said emergency director Chuck Wallace of the Grays Harbor County.


    People cleaning up may find personal belongings that have washed in from the tsunami. If this happens, they are encouraged to turn the items into local emergency management departments.


    “It’s the loss, the great loss of the beautiful place they lived, their lifestyle and their belongings,” said visitor Pam Rhodes.


    According to state officials, any items that will be found during the beach cleanup may just be the beginning of what’s heading toward the coasts.

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