• Truck flips after Pierce County police chase

    By: Amy Clancy


    PARKLAND, Wash. - A man described by deputies as a known car thief arrested Tuesday afternoon after chase that ended with a stolen truck flipped near Parkland.

    Deputies following the truck learned it was stolen after running the license plate, and started a chase that lasted for at least 30 blocks.

    >>> See photos of the flipped truck and rescue here.

    “I heard a bunch of sirens and it looked like they might have them boxed in,” said witness Brandon Garrett, who was working in the area.  “And all of a sudden they just came flying by, probably doing 90 (mph). And he just went around the corner where that flat tire was and then kept going.”

    The suspect had to be extradited from the truck, which flipped after driving on one of its rims. The woman who was with him was taken into custody. Neither had serious injuries, police said.

    The truck crashed in the 2100 block of 112th Avenue South in unincorporated Pierce County. Deputies said the man involved is suspected of stealing other vehicles.

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