• Troopers pursue driver from Tacoma to South Seattle

    By: Maria Guerrero


    SEATTLE - Washington State Patrol says it took the public's safety into account as a woman in a stolen car led troopers on a high-speed chase into South Seattle.

    The chase ended when the woman smashed into a newspaper delivery van.

    It happened at the intersection of MLK Way South and South Myrtle Street.

    "Is it better to get her into custody or is it better to look out for the safety of the public and the safety of the public is going to come first," said Det. Sgt. Stacy Moate of Washington State Patrol.

    Pedestrians near the busy intersection had to sidestep quite a scene early Saturday morning.

    "If the people survive they are lucky," said one passerby.       

    State patrol says a Seattle Times employee was on his delivery route when a 25-year-old woman in a stolen Honda Civic ran a red light and hit him.

    Sam Ali was eating breakfast and heard the impact at around 6:45 a.m.

    "I heard very bad noise and I was thinking like something like (a) building was collapsing or anything," said Ali.       

    State patrol says they joined Tacoma police earlier, trying to stop the woman in Federal Way, but she took off.

    "She got to MLK Way and started running red lights," said Moate.

    "There was only a couple cars on the roads so our troopers kind of weighed those things," added Moate.

    Troopers decided to stay on the chase, but kept their distance until the crash.     

    "If it was this time of the day, the pursuit would not have come this far because there's just too many other dangers and it's not worth that risk," said Moate.

    The 63-year-old driver in The Seattle Times delivery van was banged up and taken to the hospital with broken ribs and neck pain.

    The driver of the car was seriously hurt.

    Moate says the woman had to be quickly taken out of the car because it caught fire.

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