• State's newest ferry back in service after necessary repairs


    The state’s newest ferry was out of service Sunday morning due to necessary repairs, said officials with the Washington State Ferries.

    Morning trips on the Tokitae had to be canceled because of the issue.

    Officials said the ferry was not getting full power out of one of its main engines and crews were determining the cause.

    Before 11:30 the Tokitae was back in service and returned to a two-boat service with the noon departures.

    Drivers will encounter an estimated two-hour wait departing the Clinton terminal due to heavy traffic delays and earlier one-boat service.

    In early July the Tokitae, a ferry that entered the busy Mukilteo-Clinton run, forced a cancellation of its first round-trip because of a small hydraulic leak. Also, some long or low vehicles were scraped or bottomed out while trying to take the vehicle ramps.

    The Tokitae is not the only state ferry that has had issues this year.

    Earlier this month, the Evergreen State ferry was out of service after the boat had mechanical issues.

    Hours before the start of a Seahawks preseason game, the sailing of the Cathlamet en route to Seattle had to return to the Bremerton ferry terminal because the ferry mistakenly loaded 484 more passengers. Among those pulled off the ferry were Seahawks fans.

    In late July, WSF shuffled boats since the ferry Tacoma lost power and began drifting as it approached Bainbridge Island with more than 400 people on board. The loss of the Tacoma from the system's busiest run led to another ferry being moved from Edmonds-Kingston.

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