Why does North Korea wake people with 6 a.m. musical alarm?

By: Sarah Elsesser, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer


Citizens who live in Pyongyang, North Korea’s capital, wake up early every day to eerie music.

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Viral videos have resurfaced of a 6 a.m. alarm blasted through the city’s loudspeakers. 

Listen below. 

The song is called “Where Are You, Dear General,” according to The Sun.

It echoes through the city every day at 6 a.m., except Sundays, Mashable reported.

This music is part of a “morning ritual” that praises leader Kim Jong Un and “is intended to encourage workers to start their day off with more vigor,” The Associated Press reported last year.

Internet users weren’t feeling the patriotism, though.

Many comments on the YouTube videos compared the alarm to the Lavender Town music from Pokemon, the “X-Files” theme song and the “Blade Runner” soundtrack. 

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