Who needs beer when you can buy a keg of Ranch dressing?

by: Colleen West, KIRO 7 News Staff Updated:

If you’d rather drown yourself in the happiness of a keg of salad dressing than drown your sorrows with a keg of beer, we’ve found the perfect thing for you.

Hidden Valley® and Flavourgallery.com have teamed up to sell a Mini Ranch Keg to hold at least part of your year’s supply of Hidden Valley® Ranch, included with the keg for a price of $50.

The stackable mini keg is 9.7” high with a diameter of 6.3” and holds … drum roll … up to 5 liters of Ranch!  

They'll be no more stopping your salad-n-wings party to open up those pesky bottles of dressing, because, like Flavourgallery.com says, “It isn’t a party unless the Hidden Valley® Ranch is flowin.”

It even has a special coating inside to keep the ranch tasting fresh, according to the product description.

The keg begins shipping on Dec. 11, but you can pre-order now.

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