• Southwest Airlines gets trolled with fake complaint, responds perfectly

    By: Kristin Finan, Austin American-Statesman


    It’s been a tough week for the airline industry, but Southwest Airlines kept its sense of humor.

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    After receiving a message earlier this week from Twitter user @xadoringpaige, who claimed to be verbally abused by a flight attendant, Southwest Airlines customer service representative Linnea jumped right to get to the bottom of the situation.

    A spokeswoman for Southwest confirmed the exchange Wednesday evening, adding: “We take every inquiry seriously, but try not to take ourselves too seriously. This was an excellent example of one of our representatives taking great care to investigate a potential issue, and pivoting when the user revealed it was a joke.”

    According to the Huffington Post, Twitter user @xadoringpaige is a 19-year-old college student in Chicago named Juan. 

    “What inspired me to make it is that there has been a lot of airline drama, and I wanted to lighten up the mood,” he told HuffPost. “Of course, I wasn’t intending of shifting the focus away from what happened with United, but I wanted to make people smile and laugh. And I am happy I was able to do that.”

    He told Buzzfeed that he chose to troll Southwest because he has never had a bad experience with the airline. 

    According to HuffPost, the Twitter user suggested Southwest gift him a free flight in exchange for the positive attention he’s given the airline, but Southwest officials have yet to respond.

    Southwest made headlines earlier this week when it appeared in a meme that mocked an incident in which a United Airlines passenger was dragged off a plane after refusing to exit the aircraft.

    Brianna Chambers contributed to this report.


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