Faith Hill, Tim McGraw wish daughter a happy 18th birthday

By: Melinda Lorge , Rare Country


Parents who have watched their children grow up could probably agree that their son or daughter grew up fast. First they go through the baby stages, then they're in their teens, and before you know it they're off to college.

And that certainly seems to be the case with star couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. Their second youngest daughter, Maggie Elizabeth, is in her final teenage years.

On Aug. 12, Maggie celebrated her 18th birthday.

To mark their daughter's special day, Tim and Faith gave a couple of birthday shoutouts to her via Twitter.

Faith seemed to be surprised that her daughter was of age, tweeting out "How did this happen? Maggie is 18 today."



Tim tweeted a photo with the caption, "Happy birthday Maggie May. I'm so very proud of you! You shine like the California sun!"



Some fans pointed out the resemblance between Maggie and her mother, saying her long locks, the smile and the youthful skin were "all totally handed down to her from Faith." 

Faith also posted an image of a wrapped gift that was given to Maggie by her older sister, Gracie Katherine. The packaging includes drawn-on characters of the two siblings holding three balloons. Although she’s not pictured, Gracie and Maggie also share a younger sister named Audrey Caroline.



Tim and Faith will reach a milestone of their own in October, when they will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary.

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