• Tree spears van's windshield, nearly impales driver


    DUVALL, Wash. - A mother of five children survived a bizarre crash in Duvall in which she hit a downed tree that smashed through her windshield and trapped her inside her minivan.


    The driver, 43-year-old Shawna Ventura, was driving home from the grocery store late Monday afternoon when she veered off the road and hit a tree in the 30200 block of Northeast Big Rock Road.


    Investigators think Ventura must have seen the tree coming and moved out of the way just in time.


    “It should have killed her, and it’s by God’s good graces that she’s alive,” said Ventura’s mother.


    Though Ventura survived the tree, she was nearly killed by her seat belt, which was suffocating her.


    A witness said he saw a truck driver that was passing by stop and save her.


    “She took a deep breath and she started talking,” said neighbor Travis Kollman.


    Ventura works as a court clerk for the Snoqualmie tribe.


    Investigators are trying to figure out why she drove off the road and did a blood test to determine if she had been drinking.


    Ventura was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center, where she remains in stable condition.

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