• Tree crushes man's pickup with him inside


    LAKE STEVENS, Wash. - A tree came crashing down on a man’s vehicle early Monday morning while he was driving in Lake Stevens.


    Steve Hennenman was driving to work around 5:30 a.m.  on 84th Street where a 100-foot tall hemlock uprooted and landed on his pickup truck.


    “All that I remember was breaking glass,” said Henneman. “I had headlights coming toward me, then all of a sudden there was this fuzzy stuff, which ended being a tree, but I mean, it just happened so quick, there wasn’t even time much more to hit the brakes.”


    A deputy responded to the location and found Hennaman walking around with only a cut on his hand.


    “If it had happened a second earlier or a second later, I probably wouldn’t be here,” said Henneman. 

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