• Thousands in merchandise taken, but thieves caught on camera

    By: Alison Grande


    SEATTLE - A West Seattle store was cleared out by burglars early Friday morning.

    The owners of West Seattle Runner are hoping surveillance video can help police catch the thieves.

    Two men are seen entering the building and leaving with handfuls of merchandise.

    Owner Tim McConnell says they got away with about $6,000 worth of running gear.

    “I never thought in a million years someone would break through a downstairs door to steal running stuff, “said McConnell.

    He says the men used a crow bar to get the door open, once they got upstairs they broke the window to the store and climbed in.

    The burglary happened about 3:30 a.m. Friday morning.

    McConnell says the thieves stole sunglasses, heart monitors, GPS watches, and shoes. The shoes they stole were all size 12.5.

    The men actually burglarized the store twice; they came back about 30 minutes later to get more merchandise.

    McConnell is watching Craigslist and eBay to see if his merchandise shows up, their loyal customers are watching too.

    He says he’s had a boost in customers since the burglary, eager to show their support for the local shop.

    McConnell has little patience for the thieves, “Perhaps they should look into getting a career and not being a dirt bag.”

    He also suggested maybe the burglars should wear one of the heart monitors they stole, “I don’t have to look over my shoulder every day thinking someone’s going to come arrest me and they do.”

    He thinks one of the burglars cased his store the day before.  A man came in and bought a heart monitor with cash, returned it hours later. But a woman with him used a credit card. McConnell hopes when he pulls that credit card receipt it could help police track down the men.

    In the meantime he’s warning other running stores in the area, and making sure other runners know not to buy the stolen merchandise online.

    “They’re going to have to work hard to sell this stuff. Our customers are checking ebay, Craigslist. They keep sending me links asking, ‘Is this yours?’” said McConnell.

    “I hope they get caught and I hope they do prison time. We don’t need these kind of people wandering the streets,” he added.

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