• Thieves target Victoria's Secret store in University Village


    SEATTLE - A group of thieves has been stealing bras and panties from the Victoria's Secret in University Village, and police say they're still trying to find them.

    The thieves have hit the store three times in the past week and a half, including Thursday afternoon.

    "It's kind of creepy actually," said shopper Emilie Kimball, who often shops at University Village. "It makes me a little bit nervous, for sure."

    Employees said two men walked in shortly after noon Thursday and started grabbing merchandise. Police said one of the employees was standing in front of the door and one of the thieves shoved her out of the way. The men then rushed out.

    The thefts add up: bras can range from two for $49.50 to as high as $75.

    In the first case, last week, two women stole $1,100 in bras. In the second  case, on Monday, thieves stole $300 in bras and underwear and the women threatened employees.

    On Thursday, the two men stole about $55 in bras and a few miscellaneous items.

    "This is pretty weird, pretty bizarre," Seattle Police Detective Renee Witt said of the crimes.

    Police said the men took off in a silver Pontiac and employees were able to get a license plate number. Officers linked the plate to an address in South Seattle but did not find the men or the vehicle there.

    Police said they are investigating if the men are working with the women. KIRO 7 asked why the thieves might be targeting bras.

    "You can only guess that they're probably taking these items and selling them on some social media site," Witt said. "Ebay, Craigslist, that kind of thing."

    She also said it was possible they were stealing them for someone else to resell in physical stores or online.

    In the meantime, shoppers suggested the company hire security guards to catch the next set of thieves red-handed.

    "They should get some big bouncers out front," shopper Lacy Kemp said.

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