• Thieves target cancer charity

    By: Alison Grande


    LYNNWOOD, Wash. - A Lynnwood woman who runs a cancer charity was targeted by thieves.

    Kris Forth started Finding Treasures for a Cure thrift store, so the proceeds would benefit pediatric cancer research. Forth’s 11 year-old son died from cancer in 2010. She said not enough money goes to fund pediatric cancer research so in Brandon’s memory she is trying to make a difference.

    On July 23, two women stole Forth’s purse out of her truck while it was parked behind the Lynnwood thrift store.

    “I was so angry someone would open my car door and grab my purse,” said Forth.

    Police say the women were captured on a surveillance camera at Moe’s Market convenience store on Highway 99 using the charity’s credit card to buy cartons of cigarettes. Police say the also tried to buy $400 worth of merchandise at Walmart but the card was declined.

    Forth hopes someone will recognize the women and report it to Lynnwood police.

    “If someone came and needed something, we’d give it to them. I do sincerely hope they’re both caught and have to go through the consequences of the crime,” Forth said.

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