Thieves steal valuable Nike apparel from secure storage facility

By: Essex Porter


Police are looking for the brazen thieves who stole a van carrying $100,000 worth of Nike golf apparel. That's despite the fact that the van was parked behind locked gates at the Public Storage facility on S.E. 174th in Renton.

Van owner Cindi Grove is a sales representative for Nike. She says the van was filled with 900 items of clothing that she was planning to present to store buyers next week. "I can't sell product if I don't have it to show," she said.

Grove paid $81 a month to park her van at the facility, but, she says, managers told her they are not responsible for the theft. A senior manager refused to comment when we tried to raise the issue.

Late Friday afternoon, a friend spotted Grove's van off Southeast Petrovitsky Road in King County's Fairwood neighborhood. Grove says the friend works on a road project nearby and recognized it from her post on Facebook.

But all the clothes inside were gone. There was little more than the residue from the fire extinguisher, sprayed throughout the interior to cover any fingerprints. "It's really hard to see. Yeah, it's really hard to see," said Grove after she looked over the truck.

Police will look for fingerprints anyway, in hopes of finding the thieves.

Grove says Public Storage is sending her a check for a refund, but only for the three months remaining on her yearlong lease.

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