• Thieves steal laptops from the same store a second time

    By: Natasha Chen


    REDMOND, Wash. -  Burglars broke into The Mac Store in Redmond early Sunday morning, making it the second time since early May.

    General Manager Sean Callahan said he was notified by their security company around 7:30 a.m. that the alarm had gone off.

    Four burglars were caught on surveillance video wiping an entire shelf clean of Macbook Pros and Macbook Pro Retinas. Callahan said they were worth about $25,000 in total.

    “Apparently, they studied us well, and the mall for that matter,” Callahan said.

    The video shows the thieves coming in and out within 30 seconds.

    Callahan said the last break-in happened in early May, after which he installed a security bar on the back door. But that didn’t stop people from prying the back door open again Sunday morning.

    Employee Evan Weiuff said he was the first to show up at the store Sunday morning after police were called.

    He said his first thought was “not again.”

    Weiuff said, “It's going to be one that's going to hurt.”

    Callahan said The Mac Store started in the Pacific Northwest before Apple began opening retail stores.

    "We're just a small company. We don't have the billions of dollars Apple has to recover from something like this,” Callahan said.

    Anyone with information about the two burglaries is encouraged to call Redmond police.

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