• Thieves in Redmond stealing from the dead

    By: Alison Grande


    REDMOND, Wash. - Something is missing from Cedar Lawns Memorial Park cemetery -- the flowers.

    Thieves stole about 50 vases from the grave markers at the cemetery. Employees reported it to police Tuesday morning.

    The vases are made out of bronze. According to the police report they can be be worth up to $800.

    Cemetery management thinks they were stolen to be sold as scrap metal, nearly $40,000 worth.

    "We consider this a despicable act," said Cedar Lawns spokeswoman Lisa Marshall. "Be on the lookout for anyone trying to re-sell these vases or taking them to a scrap metal dealer."

    Cathie Stahl stopped by to leave flowers on her husband's grave this afternoon. When she arrived, she noticed there were hardly any flowers at the cemetery. Then she realized the vases were gone.

    "I think that's terrible, defacing a cemetery," said Stahl. Her vase was one of the few not stolen.

    "It should be a quiet, reserved, respectful place. It's a very low thing for people to do," added Stahl. "I hope they can gain some maturity to realize what they've done, as far as hurting people."

    David Renninger's brother, who died of cancer, is buried at the cemetery. The vase on Mark Renninger's grave marker was stolen.

    Renninger hopes the thieves are caught. After he talked to us, he planned to call and tell his mother.

    "She'll be shocked probably, take a deep breath," Renninger said.

    The cemetery said it would be contacting each family about the stolen vases. The relatives we talked to Wednesday hadn't heard yet.

    Cedar Lawns Memorial Park said it would replace the stolen vases and hoped the insurance company would cover the theft.

    Redmond police are investigating and are looking for anyone trying to re-sell the bronze vases.

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