Mail thieves caught on camera in West Seattle

By: Alison Grande


SEATTLE - A West Seattle resident was sick of having his mail stolen so he set up surveillance. Casey English has had his mail ripped off at least three times in three months in West Seattle. So he put cameras up to watch and captured a stranger going through his mail box.

“It’s hard to explain how you feel when you see the video of someone doing that,“ said English.

He’s worried about what the thieves will do with the mail.

“I’ve seen where people are taking checks and cashing them, taking people’s identities,” added English.

He made a copy of the surveillance video for police. His neighbor, Jody Rodgers, was hit too. 

“We keep having bills that aren’t in the mailbox; we’ve had the police come by with a stack of mail that was down the street.”

Rodgers just installed a locking mail box.

With the increase in mail and package delivery over the holidays, English plans to be vigilant. He’ll make sure he has to sign for packages, and no outgoing mail will go into his box.

Last December police arrested four suspected mail thieves. According to investigators they were following UPS trucks and stealing packages off porches.

English had a warning for anyone who takes his mail, “You will be caught, plain and simple.”

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