Texted photo of fatally beaten teen leads to seizure of men's cellphones

by: Colleen West, Digital Editor Updated:

COVINGTON, Wash. -  Police seized the cellphones of three men police say were involved or present during the beating death of a teenager last month.

 Covington man Robert Green, 26, is a suspect in the fatal beating of 16-year-old Montana boy Tyler Parker.  Green was arrested May 12.

 His friend, Lucas Bauer, and Bauer’s friend, Avidan Duran, were also present the night police say Green beat Parker and left him to die in the road May 11.

 King County Sheriff’s Office detectives filed an affidavit to search all three men’s cellphones Tuesday for calls, text messages and possible photos related to the boy’s beating after getting a tip from someone who received a text message photo of a beaten Parker lying in the street, police said.

  The tip pointed to Green and Bauer as suspects, and police interviewed both men, who initially denied any knowledge or involvement in Parker’s death, a search affidavit said.

 Police documents said both men were interviewed again, and Green claimed Parker was drunk and shouted gang references before the two began fighting.

According to the search affidavit, Parker died front blunt-force trauma to the head, had a shoe print on his cheek and had marks on his body from being dragged to a cul-de-sac in the 19400 block of SE 267th Street where he was found in Covington.

 Police documents said a shoe consistent with the print found on Parker’s face were found in Green’s bedroom.

 Detectives said Bauer and Duran were also at the scene at times either during or after the beating.  Bauer and Green claimed they checked on the victim several times and he was breathing, but when they checked on him a final time, and he was not breathing, Bauer asked Green if he should call 911, police said.

 Bauer said Green responded, “I’ve given people worse ass-whippings. He’ll just wake up with a headache,” the documents said.

 Green and Bauer said they were unaware that Duran may have taken a picture of the victim and neither of them dragged the victim to the cul-de-sac, police said.

 All three men consented to providing their phones to the Sheriff’s Office.