• Coldest air in several years in the forecast


    SEATTLE - Temperatures are below freezing across Western Washington and will likely stay that way through the weekend, when the area will see the coldest air in several years.

    Some overnight temperatures early Wednesday were 29 at Sea-Tac Airport, 27 at Tacoma, 26 at Everett, 18 at Vancouver, 12 at Spokane, 15 at Wenatchee and Yakima, 13 at Pasco, and minus-1 at Pullman.

    “High pressure across western Canada and eastern Alaska is continuing to push very cold air into Western Washington, and that cold air pattern will continue for the next few days,” said KIRO 7 Meteorologist Morgan Palmer.

    Winds around Puget Sound are at 5-10 mph, but as winds go mainly calm Wednesday evening, even across the North Sound, early Thursday morning, the temperatures will get even colder than the teens and 20s of Wednesday morning.  Temperatures will still be in the teens and 20s, but about 4 degrees cooler than Wednesday, Palmer said.

    Clouds may increase late Thursday as a weak disturbance moves past the Washington coast, but it is likely to just bring some flurries to the area late Thursday and early Friday. No accumulation is expected. Highs will remain in the low to mid 30s.

    By Friday, another surge of cold air reaches the area with highs around freezing.

    “Friday night and Saturday, we'll see the coldest air in several years around the area,” Palmer said.

    Morning lows even in the city of Seattle Saturday will be very close to 20 degrees, with outlying areas in the teens.

    There’s a chance of snow flurries on Sunday, an indication that Western Washington might break out of the pattern around the middle of next week.

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