• Teens arrested after allegedly putting bleach in classmates' beauty products


    BREMERTON, Wash. - Police said two teens who put bleach into personal care products of their classmates at a Bremerton military academy were arrested.

    The incident happened at Washington Youth Academy.

    According police, two 17-year-old girls allegedly put cleaning products, including bleach, into the shampoo and skin care products of two fellow classmates.

    KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Kevin McCarty spoke with the director of the academy about the incident.

    “They flushed their skin and hair, washed their eyes out with clean water. We took them to the emergency room right away,” said Col. Larry Pierce.

    The two classmates suffered minor skin irritation.

    The Washington state National Guard runs the academy and most of the students are considered at-risk for dropping out of high school. They come from all over the state and live at the school while they attend classes.

    The girls involved in the incident have been expelled along with two other students.

    School officials said the two other students knew about the tampering, but did nothing to stop it. They also didn’t notify anyone.

    Police said the incident happened because of an argument between the teenagers.

    “The best we can get from our investigation at this point. This all stemmed from a personality conflict with the girls that were involved,” said Lt. Pete Fisher of the Bremerton Police Department.

    The two girls arrested face charges of felony assault.

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