• Teenage rape suspect a no show; brother a convicted rapist

    By: Deborah Horne


    KENT, Wash. - A 14-year-old suspect waived his appearance at this, his first bail hearing since an 8-year-old Kent girl told police he raped her. 

    Surveillance video obtained by KIRO 7 shows a figure walking away from the wooded area near the Red Lion Hotel in Kent where the girl said she was assaulted. 

    She ran to the hotel for help and collapsed.

    That was 4:24 Thursday afternoon. 

    Thirteen minutes later, medics and officers arrived.

    "My sister told me that a girl was raped."

    The sister of Juan Carlos works at the front desk of the hotel and helped the girl.

    "She was like 'I was raped,'" Carlos said the girl told his sister. "And 'can you help me?' "

    Now detectives are trying to determine if the surveillance video shows her attacker.

    King County Senior Deputy Prosecutor Michael Mohandeson said the 8-year-old girl was brutalized.

    "She suffered a concussion at a minimum," said Mohandeson. "Abrasions, things of that nature. And she may have lost consciousness as well."

    "He beat her?" KIRO 7’s Deborah Horne asked. 

    "Yes," said Mohandeson. "That's the allegation anyway."

    Mohandeson also told the judge that the suspect's older brother is serving a 20-to-life sentence for two rapes he committed three years ago when he, too, was a young teenager. 

    And though Mohandeson oversees all juvenile sex offender cases for King County, this case even surprised him.

    "This is definitely outside the norm by far," Mohandeson said.

    Prosecutors have until Wednesday to file charges against the teenager.

    If charges are filed in juvenile court, they will decide later whether to charge him as an adult.

    The  8-year-old girl was released from the hospital.

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