• Teens under arrest after beating girl, posting video on Facebook


    SEATAC, Wash. - Two teens are under arrest for beating up a 13-year-old girl in SeaTac and then posting video of the assault on Facebook.


    The video shows 14-year-old GlennaLynn Marie Santos and 15-year-old Keanna Beaver hitting Jaden Sanders in the face as she tried to get away.


    The beating produced bumps, bruises and a black eye.


    SeaTac police Sgt. Ted Boe said the victim didn't fight back and was just trying to protect herself. 


    Boe said Santos posted the video of the attack on Facebook just 17 minutes after it happened on Sunday afternoon.


    The video was accompanied by this post from Santos.


    "She thought I was gonna let her go after hitting my brother?”


    KIRO 7 messaged Santos online and asked her to explain.


    She said Sanders hit her friend's brother earlier in the day.  Police confirmed that.


    “He took (Sanders’) cellphone and they were horse playing and she hit him to get the cellphone back,” said Boe.


    Police said the incident didn’t warrant the revenge-type assault.


    When Santos messaged KIRO 7 and asked if she could go to jail for the attack, KIRO 7 put the question to Boe.


    “You want to tell her that the police would like to get her part of the story and we’d like to know where she’s at,” said Boe.


    Overnight, Santos' Facebook page was taken down, but it's back online Monday morning, without the video.


    Santos wrote in a post:


    “What I did was wrong I know, but if that happened to your brother wouldn't you do something like that?  You guys don’t know the whole story. What she did was messed up also. I’m not saying this so y’all don’t jump me go ahead, aint nobody stopping you."


    Both girls gave themselves up outside Madrona Elementary on Monday morning.


    “We’re turning ourselves in, because we know it wasn’t right,” said Santos.


    “We’re doing the time,” said Beaver. “We come up here and we honestly turned ourselves in, and we’re willing to do the time for what we did.”


    Police say Santos and Beaver will spend the night in youth detention and will be charged with assault.


    The victim's grandfather spoke to KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Chris Legeros briefly off camera.


    He said he was angry when Jaden came home hurt, and even more angry when he heard that video of the beating was posted on Facebook.

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