• Teen with mental disabilities missing

    By: Henry Rosoff


    BONNEY LAKE, Wash. - Pierce County Sheriff’s Deputies are looking for 17-year-old Maliika Andrus.  They said she has the mental capacity of a 9-year-old and is likely trying to walk from Bonney Lake to Issaquah.

    “We have great concern for her safety,” said Pierce County Search and Rescue commander Lt. Cindy Fajardo.  “We think she is a very vulnerable adult and could become prey to somebody with ill intent.  [We are] also very concerned that she hasn't had medication she needs to have, and concerned about the clothing that she's wearing.  There's potential she could be injured, could be hit by a car.”

    Fajardo said she believes, based on eyewitnesses found through a reverse 911 call, Andrus is trying to make her way about 40 miles to Issaquah because her mother lives there.  She said the 17-year-old escaped from an assisted living facility early this morning wearing only a black t-shirt, striped pajama pants and slippers.

    KIRO 7 learned that the facility is an Acres Assisted Living Facility and that Andrus has been there for two months.  Staffers inside would not comment about the escape Sunday night.

    Fajardo said Andrus argued with the staff Saturday about wanting to go home.  She also tried to escape twice Saturday.  Sunday morning Andrus disabled her bedroom window alarm and fled just after 6:30.

    Rescue teams used bloodhounds to search Bonney Lake, but packed it up for the day just before nightfall.

    “We've suspended the search because we believe she's in an area that would be too large to search,” Fajardo said.

    If you see Andrus please call 911.

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