• Teen girl dives in to save drowning man at Green Lake

    By: Alison Grande


    SEATTLE, Wash. - A fast-acting teenager helped save a stranger Thursday night at Seattle's Green Lake.

    It happened around 7:30pm, after lifeguards were off duty.

    Witnesses say a 19-year old man jumped off the dock and started struggling.

    Fourteen year-old Gidget Boe was only a couple feet away.  She reached out to try to pull the other swimmer to safety.

    “When I was trying to get him out, I was trying to save him and I didn’t know what to think. When he started drowning me it was really scary.  I couldn’t get any breath, “ Boe to KIRO 7.

    That’s when another good Samaritan saw what was happening and pulled out both teens.

    The good Samaritan started CPR, other witnesses called 911.

    Jessica Berish was at the beach with a friend, she watched and worried.  “It was scary, “ said Berish, “he was there for a long time.”

    Emergency crews think the teen was underwater about four minutes.

    Paramedics were able to get a pulse and rushed the teen to Harborview.

    The victim’s friends said the teen is visiting from France, they also said he didn’t know how to swim.

    Lifeguards at Green Lake go off duty at 7pm, the near drowning happened about 30 minutes later.

    Emergency crews said Boe and the other rescuer are heroes.

    It was a night at Green Lake Boe won’t forget, “I really hope they’re ok and that person will be fine.”

    The Seattle Fire Department said the teen was taken to Harborview in critical condition, but do expect him to survive.

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