• Teen falls into ravine in Bothell

    By: Henry Rosoff


    BOTHELL, Wash. - He fell 30 feet into a ravine, and somehow walked away with hardly a scratch.

    Andrew Oh said his 14-year-old friend Daniel Yi plummeted to the ground after he attached his belt to a red rope deep hung in the woods near Blyth Park in Bothell.

    Oh said when Yi began to swing, the belt gave way and he fell about 25 feet, before rolling down another ten.

    “He kind of cheated death in a way,” Oh said. “You’re not supposed to walk out of that like it’s nothing.”

    However, that’s exactly what Yi did.

    Witnesses said by the time paramedics arrived, they found the fallen 14-year-old basically unharmed.

    “They asked him his name and he remembered; and he could move his legs and arms,” Oh said.  “It was a miracle.”

    As a precaution, the teen was checked out at a local hospital.

    People in the park told KIRO 7 the rope is not part of the park.  They said it is likely an unsanctioned setup by kids.

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