• Teen attempts to carjack vehicle after crashing into others


    PARKLAND, Wash. - A teenager was hurt after he hit multiple cars and attempted to carjack another vehicle in Parkland Thursday afternoon, investigators said.


    According to Pierce County deputies, a 17-year-old boy slammed into as many as three cars on 112th Street near Canyon Road in Parkland.


    One of the vehicles hit crashed through a power pole, and the woman driving the vehicle was sent to the hospital, but her condition is unknown at this time.


    Deputies said after the crash, the teen tried to carjack another vehicle. The driver stopped, but refused to give up the car to the teen.


    “That didn’t go well for the suspect as he tried to attack the citizen. The citizen restrained him and held him until our officers arrived,” said Sgt. Jesus Villahermosa of the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.


    Pierce County investigators said the teen was driving away from a fight at his parent’s home after stealing their car.


    KIRO 7 Eyewitness News spoke with Jennifer Latham, who lived near the scene.


    “It’s scary, for one. It’s down my street. I don’t know if it’s a neighbor,” said Latham.


    Crews had to shut the street down due to the incident and utility crews worked to fix the damaged power lines.


    “It looked like Christmas, with 10 cop cars going on and just lights everywhere, so just, scared,” said Latham.


    The teen was injured and taken to the hospital. It is unknown at this time what charges he will face.

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