Taxing begins on roll-your-own cigarettes



OLYMPIA, Wash. - Shops that operate machines that allow customers to roll their own cigarettes are now going to be taxing their products starting Sunday.


Businesses that have roll-your-own machines must begin affixing cigarette tax stamps. They will be taxed just like a manufacturer.


KIRO 7 Eyewitness News spoke with Suzzie Bradley, who works at a roll-your-own smoke shop in Parkland, and she was outraged on the state’s plan.


“Cigarettes aren’t good, but they’re going to be around like alcohol. You know, we can sell weed legally, but we can’t have a machine that rolls our smokes legally, really? I’m dumbfounded,” said Bradley.


The measure was attached to a recent transportation spending bill in Olympia.


The owner of ½ Price Smokes, Gary Alexander, told KIRO 7 that he thinks he knows reasoning for the taxes.


“This is big business, big tobacco, getting rid of what they perceive of as a competition,” said Alexander.


Alexander will try to fight the shutdown with a restraining order and possibly a lawsuit.