• Tax dollars will fix fired contractor's work

    By: Lee Stoll


    SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash. - A joint road project between the cities of Lynnwood and Edmonds is still a mess months after it was supposed to be finished.

    Pipes and gravel on the side of 76th Avenue West were supposed to be in the ground by September. Residents who were promised a better road are still darting around cracks and potholes.

    "It's still going on and driving everybody crazy, driving me crazy," said Karen Lund.

    The cities teamed up to share a six-month, $1.89 million project. Lynnwood would tear up the road and install sewer pipes. Edmonds would pay for a new water line.  

    The project was on pace this summer but last month, Lynnwood fired the contractor, citing poor work and delays.

    Lynnwood Public Works is working with the contractor's bond company to get their part of the deal done. The Edmonds City Council declared an emergency to hire a contractor without going through a bidding process to get the waterline in before the snow hits.

    We asked Edmonds Public Works Director Phil Williams if this would cost taxpayers any more money to fix.

    "No it doesn't look like it will of course, we haven't started this part of the project yet and I will reserve room for any surprises yet to come." He said.

    Lynnwood taxpayers will pay $140,000 to lay asphalt and protect the installed pipes through the winter. Crews will tear it up all over again next spring to complete the project.

    "The primary point is getting the road in a position where we can get through the winter comfortably." Said Williams.

    Karen Lund said the delays continue to cost her family-run coffee shop.

    "Teachers in the morning that used to come here on their way to school--they don't want to drive around. They're going the other way." She said.

    We called the contractor for a response but never heard back.

    Edmonds will hold a meeting for frustrated residents at Corner Coffee on 76th Avenue West Thursday at 6:30 p.m.



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