Taller high-rises headed to South Lake Union?


SEATTLE - Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn said Monday his new plan for developing new, higher buildings in South Lake Union will bring more money and jobs to the city, but the construction could also bring headaches for some residents.

The buildings could be as tall as 40 stories and 400 feet – that’s only 200 feet shorter than the Space Needle.

Developers would be restricted to building one high-rise per block in order to keep views of the sky and lake open.

“I think the new construction is going to be good for us,” South Lake resident Mike Dotchin said. “It’s going to bring more jobs, which we need very badly.”

If the plan is approved, it could bring 12,000 new households and 22,000 new jobs.

Residents in the area are already dealing with lots of new construction, and the City Council still has to approve the plan.