• Tacoma man confesses to more than 100 burglaries


    BELLEVUE, Wash. - A busy burglar has been busted.

    Court documents show Andy Max Ellis confessed to more than 100 burglaries from Tacoma to Bellevue. He is now behind bars at the King County Jail.

    According to Bellevue police spokeswoman Carla Iafrate, Ellis also confessed to becoming more brazen. He said he wanted to do nighttime burglaries of homes where people slept.

    Kim Houkel's Bellevue home was broken into more than a month ago. She and her husband returned home, she said, to their front door wide open.

    "My husband is a musician and he had several (guitars) in the basement," Houkel said. "They were all gone."

    An Xbox was also missing.

    A construction site at the new Alexander Graham Bell Elementary School in Kirkland was hit as well. It was burglarized twice at the end of last summer.

    "There was a lot of welding equipment," said Eric Scott of Cornerstone Construction. "A lot of copper lines and welding lines that were here. (They were worth) easily upwards of $10,000."

    Bellevue police said that Ellis confessed to those burglaries and more than a hundred more. In fact, he bragged so much about his crimes that someone tipped Bellevue police.

    Iafrate said that when police searched Ellis' Tacoma apartment, they found stolen goods, as well as 4½ pounds of marijuana and a marijuana grow operation.

    According to Iafrate, Ellis will likely be charged in Pierce County as well as Bellevue.

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