• SUV found riddled with bullets in south Seattle


    SEATTLE - Seattle police are investigating a mysterious overnight shooting incident in which a SUV was found riddled with bullets.

    The SUV was found on South Augusta Street near 51st Avenue South, southeast of Boeing Field. 

    Shortly before 1 a.m. Tuesday, 911 got several calls from people in the neighborhood about a flurry of gunshots.  They also received conflicting reports describing several people running away and a vague report of a van or other vehicle leaving the scene.

    When the first officers arrived, they found a black Chevrolet Tahoe riddled with bullet holes, but one was nearby.

    Just to the north, they found eight .45 caliber shell casings.

    A sergeant on the scene told KIRO 7 there was no evidence of blood in the car, but the bullets had done enough damage to the engine to send a stream of oil down the street, making it tough for the first investigators to keep their footing on the hill.

    Shortly after 1 a.m., police said there was no indication that the car had been stolen.

    Investigators said they were checking with local hospitals for gunshot victims, but none were reporting any at that time.

    Neighbors told KIRO 7 it’s not unusual to hear a gunshot there now and then, but this incident was out of the ordinary.

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