• Suspects in robbery homicide arrested

    By: Gary Horcher


    TACOMA, Wash. - Detectives say they’ve captured two suspects wanted in the murder of 54-year-old Larry Howse in Tacoma. According to a Tacoma Police spokesperson, both men confessed to robbing and shooting Howse in August.

    Detectives believe the two men picked Howse at random.

    On August 31, Hawse was followed by the robbers into the gated parking lot of Tacoma’s Sky Terrace Condominiums, at 235 Broadway. Howse was robbed of his wallet and cell phone. The robbers shot him twice and his body was found minutes later.

    “I know he never ever had more than $40 in his pocket,” said Howse’s brother David, who spoke to KIRO 7 in his Olympia home. “Larry would have given them whatever they wanted, but they had a weapon and they were determined to use it,” he said. Howse worked as a boat-supply dealer, who was known for being friendly and fun-loving, according to his family.

    David Howse was told by detectives that many telephone tips led police to the suspects. Tacoma police released surveillance video of two men entering a convenience store just after Howse was killed. Police tell KIRO-7, the men pictured in the surveillance were both involved in the crime.

    “These guys could have killed anyone,” said David Howse. “They were not going to stop. Whoever gave police the tips, I’m grateful. They made the city and the county and everyone a lot safer, with a phone call,” Howse added.

    The two suspects are expected to make a court appearance in Pierce County on Friday.

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