• Suspects arrested in bogus check scam


    Several suspects were working together in a Snohomish County counterfeit check-cashing scheme, police said, and two of those suspects are in Snohomish County Jail.

    Joel Zak, 34, and Suzann Graves, 29, are each being held on $10,000 bail after Friday arrests.

    On May 21, an Everett police detective was assigned several counterfeit-check investigations and found suspects were linked by common associates, addresses or vehicles.

    “Graves went into the Bank of America branches in Snohomish County and successfully cashed 9 counterfeit checks off an account belonging to the victim business, MacPherson’s Property Management,” a detective wrote in Graves’ superform. “Graves was positively identified by comparing her DOL (Department of Licensing) photo to Bank of America surveillance photos.”

    Police said Graves obtained $12,673.06 from the bogus checks.

    Investigators said Zak also cashed nine checks that belonged to MacPherson’s Property Management, and those totaled $11,588.23.

    The Bank of America branches were in Everett, Smoky Point, Marysville, Alderwood, Lynnwood and Mukilteo. Police are investigating the pair for forgery, theft and financial fraud.

     Zak and Graves’ arraignments, at which they are expected to enter pleas, are scheduled for later this month.

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