• Suspected mail thief has residents worried

    By: Gary Horcher


    KIRKLAND, Wash. - By the time police spotted 28-year-old Hossein Shaghaghi pulling mail out of mailboxes, he had already packed a duffel bag full of letters, packages, and identification documents from 40 people, mostly from Kirkland, police said.

    Investigators said Shaghaghi also also carrying five credit cards with five different names on them.

    Shaghaghi will face a King County Superior Court judge on Thursday. Prosecutors have charged him with several counts of stealing mail and possession of stolen mail. Both crimes are felonies, and federal offenses.

    Tracing the charging documents, KIRO 7 found one of Shaghaghi's alleged victims is especially vulnerable.

    Kim Dwyer, a 42-year-old quadriplegic, has been living on disability checks since a drunken driver left her paralyzed in 2006.

    "I had no idea that I had mail that was stolen at the time," Dwyer said. "But when I ordered little things, like a holiday welcome mat and it never came, I was wondering what was going on."

    Police said they found Dwyer's welcome mat in the bag it was shipped in when they searched Shaghaghi's vehicle in Kenmore. Now Dwyer and other neighbors want to know if Shaghaghi also stole checks, gift cards and outgoing mail too.

    Dwyer was contacted by King County prosecutors about her mail, dated two weeks before Christmas.

    "When the guy did this, I was broke you know," Dwyer said. "I was trying to buy presents."

    "It makes me very curious about what he actually took from my mailbox and what else he might have taken of mine, and all the other people that he was stealing from."

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