• Suspect bragged about speeding, neighbors saw the speeding car

    By: Linzi Sheldon


    The suspect in the horrific crash on Interstate 405, Samuel Sampson, bragged about speeding past police officers on his Twitter account in the months before the crash, police said.

    On Friday night, the 27-year-old was in the hospital being watched by state troopers before he's booked.

    Sampson appeared to have moved to Seattle recently. He had a New York driver's license from 2009 up until June 2013 and had a clean driving record, despite bragging about blowing "past a cop at 130 mph."

    Troopers said Sampson was high on meth as he sped down I-405 in a silver Audi, depicted on his Twitter 
    account. They said 25-year-old Stacy Abele was next to him.

    "Holy no, my God," Abele's neighbor in Woodinville, Barbara Berry, said when she saw the photos of the cars involved in the crash.

    She said Thursday night, she heard a couple arguing and then saw a car speed out of the last spot in the apartment complex's parking lot around 9:30 p.m.

    "The car squealed back, squealed out, and squealed around the corner," she said. "I was like, wow."

    It was a spot right in front of Abele's apartment and the exact same spot where KIRO found a paper addressed to Sampson lying on the ground.

    It was an application for care at Highline Medical Center dated Thursday.

    Just 30 minutes after Berry says that car left, troopers say Sampson slammed into the back of a BMW, which burst into flames.

    The 22-year-old man inside, Ian Beckford, died.

    Abele is listed as stable at Overlake Hospital and is not expected to be charged.

    Sampson is being investigated for vehicular homicide and vehicular assault. The former carries a sentence of eight to nine years

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