• Surveillance video shows break-in at governor's office

    By: Graham Johnson


    OLYMPIA, Wash. - Surveillance video of a break-in at Gov. Jay Inslee's office on Sunday evening shows two women creeping along a ledge at the state Capitol.

     They entered the governor's office through an unlatched window and made it to his conference room where press briefings are held.

     One woman, identified by the Washington State Patrol as Emily Huntzicker, 22, briefly sat in the governor's chair.

     Then Huntzicker and Rachel Kamiya, 28, wandered into the lobby, where Huntzicker passed by a trooper's hat sitting on a ledge and put it on.

     Troopers said they passed up items of monetary value like cameras and laptops, and stole the hat and sentimental items, including a tribal blanket.

     Eventually, they left the Capitol and wandered back to their car, took a couple of turns around a traffic circle and left.

     Earlier this week, a trooper recognized the vehicle speeding, pulled over the driver and spotted the hat in the back seat.

     Both women have been arrested. They will appear in court again next month.

     The State Patrol, which guards the governor, acknowledges surveillance cameras were not good enough to even read the license plate.

     "They're old generation; they're certainly not modern cameras and in this case that cost us some opportunities to maybe have solved this a little quicker," said spokesman Bob Calkins.

     The State Patrol said it will request new cameras and is reviewing Capitol security.

     Troopers said there is no indication the women broke in for any political reason, or to harm anyone.

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