• Subway employee fights off armed robber with sandwich knife

    By: Linzi Sheldon


    Police are searching for the armed robber who tried to rob two Subway restaurants in the span of an hour Saturday night.

    An employee at the first one chased off the suspect with a sandwich knife.

    "I just grabbed something," Justin Crippen said. "I could have ended up with a pizza cutter."

    Crippen showed KIRO 7 the small serrated knife he pulled from a container when a man in a black neoprene mask walked into the Subway on Greenwood Avenue around 8 p.m.

    "He said, 'Give me what's in the register,' and he showed a gun," Crippen said. "I grabbed the knife we keep for cutting the sandwiches in half and I just said, '[expletive] you, get the hell out of my store.'"

    Crippen chased him just outside the door, and the suspect ran off.

    The robber wasn't done yet.

    Police said less than an hour later, the robber showed up at a Subway about 3 miles away in Shoreline.

    "As soon as I saw him, he showed me the gun," employee Susana Rosas said.

    It was right before closing, and Rosas and another employee were cleaning up and counting the money.

    "When I saw the gun, I'm like, 'Oh my god,'" Rosas said.

    Rosas thought about lunging for the phone. Instead, she was frozen, staring at him.

    "He was just wearing everything black," she said. "His hat, his mask, his clothes, jacket, and jeans, everything black."

    He motioned to the safe.

    "He just said a few times, 'All the money, all the money,'" Rosas said. "That's it."

    They gave him the money, which amounted to a few hundred dollars.

    Rosas said before he ran out, the suspect's mask fell down.

    "I saw his face and everything so I don't forget him," she said. "Never. I was trying to sleep [last night]. I can't."

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