• Study finds Pacific coastal waters are caffeinated


    PORTLAND, Ore. - Researchers at Portland State University have found the water just off the coast of Oregon is slightly caffeinated.


    Researchers said that much of the caffeinated water was found near wastewater treatment plants and that the caffeine pollution is likely from sewage overflows and storm runoff.


    A PSU news release said researchers analyzed samples from 14 coastal locations from Astoria, Ore., and as far south as Brookings.



    The study found high caffeine levels near Carl Washburne State Park (Florence, Ore.) and Cape Lookout, two areas not near the potential pollution sources, yet low levels of caffeine near large population centers like Astoria/Warrenton and Coos Bay. 

    High levels were also found following a late-season storm of wind and rain that triggered sewer overflows.



    The Seattle PI said other studies have noted caffeine in other bodies of water, including the North Sea, the Mediterranean Boston Harbor, Sarasota Bay in Florida and Puget Sound.

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