• Students skipping, teachers protesting standardized MAP test


    SEATTLE - Though the Seattle school district ordered Garfield High School to go ahead with testing, most students there are skipping the standardized MAP exam and teachers are holding a protest.


    Tension has been mounting over the Measure of Academic Progress test, which many teachers regard as useless.


    Seattle Schools Superintendent Jose Banda ordered Garfield freshman students to take the test, but about 300 of the 400 freshmen opted not to take it.


    “Everyone in my class, when it was time to take the MAP test, didn’t go.  Not everyone opted out, but all the students could refuse even if the parents didn’t send an opt-out letter,” said Garfield student Anya Meleshuk, who did not take the test, which is not required in Washington.


    “When it’s some computerized test that isn’t for a grade, some (students) don’t take it seriously, and it puts a bad grade right on the teacher, even though a student wasn’t actually trying,” said Garfield sophomore Galen Andrews.


    Seattle Public Schools is reviewing the test and has created a task force.


    “The whole idea is to bring teachers and administrators and principals and community members and parents together to talk about how the assessments are working,” said Teresa Wipple with SPS.


    The district said teachers are allowed to rally, but if they refuse to administer the test, they could face consequences.


    The district wants to make a decision by the end of the school year.

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